Make your own Astrology/ Astronomy Software

Omgyan can provide you following documents which will completely eliminate all your technical problems

  • All the functions/subroutines to calculate planet position (longitude, Latitude or RA, Dec) in VB6 or
  • All the functions/subroutines to calculate Ascendant (Lagna)
  • If you are not familiar with VB you may request for Pseudocode/ Excel file with all formulae
  • Tables needed for above subroutines
  • Methods to make picture of Birth-Chart (Kundli) with dynamic-picture as well as with java-scripts drawing objects.
  • Possibility to use both Indian system and western system (Calculation of Ayanamsa/ Aynansha)
  • Longitude/ Latitude table of around 33 thousand cities in 189 countries. The list is still growing.
  • Prediction tables based on Ancient Indian Astrology Books.
  • Prediction based on Birth chart as well as Vishontri Dasha (Dassa).
  • Tables/ Subroutines to calculate other popular terms in Indian Vedic Astrology like Sign ownership, Debilitation (Neech), Nadi, Yoga, Exaltation (Uch), Constellation (Nakshatra), Charana, Tithi, Birth-Names, Yoni, Gana, Karana, Vashya etc.
  • Vedic Astrology planet strengths (Greha Bala) like Uch-Bal, Sapta-Varga Bala, Yugma-Yugm Bal, Kendradi-Bala, Dreshkana-Bala, Sthan-Bal, Dig-Bal, Kala-Bal, Chesta or Cheshta-Bala, Naisargic Bal, Drika-Bala, Shada-Bal, Ishta-Bal, Kashta-Bala etc
  • Please verify source code at¬†¬†before buying
  • The program is made by a person who is professional VB programmer & web designer along with Astrology as his hobby. He spent many years in study of astrology.


The cost of the complete project is:
For India: Rupees 25000; Canada: CAD500; rest of the world: US$500

We may offer discount for astrology hobbyist who are willing to share his/her knowledge
There may be further discount offered, if you are interested only for partial documents.

If you wish, please email to:
with subject as “Astrology Software” and details like Name, Your Country & Ultimate usage of the above documents.