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Other Names The Supine Vajrasana, Pelvic Posture, Fixed Firm Pose, Supta-Vajra-Asana, Supt-Vajr-Asan Description This asana is the further development of Vajrasana. ‘Supta’ in Sanskrit means supine and Vajrasana means lying on the back. We lie on our back with folded legs, hence, it is called Supta-Vajrasana. How to reach the stretch Sit in Vajrasana. Slowly […]

Yoga Table for Common Diseases

Following is the list Yoga Asana/ Pranayama which are helpful in the given diseases. It is to be noted that these exercises are supplement to the medical treatment. These exercises may not be sufficient alone cure completely but if practiced regularly then these illnesses will never harm the practitioner. Before starting these exercises, Physician's advice [...]

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Yoga Asanas (Postures) Available at OmGyan We continuously update the list, please be in-touch with this list regularly Paripurna-Navasana: Full Boat Posture, Purna Nauka, Noka, Asan Nav Asana, Boat Pose Navasana: Boat Posture, Half Boat pose, Ardh-Nauka Asana Prishth-Naukasana: Reverse boat Posture, facing down Boat Pose, Reverse Nauka Asan Dhanurasana: Bow Posture, Bow pose, Dhanur Asana, Bowposture Ardha-Chakrasana: Half-circle Posture, [...]

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Yoga Asanas (Postures) The practice of physical postures is called Asana. It is the most commonly known aspect of yoga for those unfamiliar with the other seven limbs. The verbal meaning of ‘Asana’ is staying or abiding. Asana is one way in which a person can experience the unity of body and mind. Asana is [...]