Planet Periods (Vishontri Dasha)

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Planetory Periods (Vishontri Dasha)

Mercury (Budh) S Node (Ketu) Venus (Shukra)
Ending Date: 02-Jul-1972 Ending Date: 02-Jul-1979 Ending Date: 02-Jul-1999
Planet End Date Planet End Date Planet End Date
Mercury (Budh) S Node (Ketu) 28-Nov-1972 Venus (Shukra) 31-Oct-1982
S Node (Ketu) Venus (Shukra) 28-Jan-1974 Sun (Surya) 31-Oct-1983
Venus (Shukra) Sun (Surya) 04-Jun-1974 Moon (Chardra) 02-Jul-1985
Sun (Surya) Moon (Chardra) 03-Jan-1975 Mars (Mangal) 31-Aug-1986
Moon (Chardra) Mars (Mangal) 01-Jun-1975 N Node (Rahu) 31-Aug-1989
Mars (Mangal) N Node (Rahu) 19-Jun-1976 Jupiter (Guru) 01-May-1992
N Node (Rahu) Jupiter (Guru) 26-May-1977 Saturn (Shani) 02-Jul-1995
Jupiter (Guru) Saturn (Shani) 05-Jul-1978 Mercury (Budh) 02-May-1998
Saturn (Shani) 01-Jul-1972 Mercury (Budh) 02-Jul-1979 S Node (Ketu) 02-Jul-1999
Sun (Surya) Moon (Chardra) Mars (Mangal)
Ending Date: 02-Jul-2005 Ending Date: 02-Jul-2015 Ending Date: 02-Jul-2022
Planet End Date Planet End Date Planet End Date
Sun (Surya) 19-Oct-1999 Moon (Chardra) 02-May-2006 Mars (Mangal) 28-Nov-2015
Moon (Chardra) 19-Apr-2000 Mars (Mangal) 01-Dec-2006 N Node (Rahu) 16-Dec-2016
Mars (Mangal) 25-Aug-2000 N Node (Rahu) 31-May-2008 Jupiter (Guru) 22-Nov-2017
N Node (Rahu) 20-Jul-2001 Jupiter (Guru) 01-Oct-2009 Saturn (Shani) 31-Dec-2018
Jupiter (Guru) 08-May-2002 Saturn (Shani) 02-May-2011 Mercury (Budh) 28-Dec-2019
Saturn (Shani) 20-Apr-2003 Mercury (Budh) 01-Oct-2012 S Node (Ketu) 25-May-2020
Mercury (Budh) 24-Feb-2004 S Node (Ketu) 02-May-2013 Venus (Shukra) 26-Jul-2021
S Node (Ketu) 02-Jul-2004 Venus (Shukra) 31-Dec-2014 Sun (Surya) 01-Dec-2021
Venus (Shukra) 02-Jul-2005 Sun (Surya) 02-Jul-2015 Moon (Chardra) 02-Jul-2022
N Node (Rahu) Jupiter (Guru) Saturn (Shani)
Ending Date: 02-Jul-2040 Ending Date: 02-Jul-2056 Ending Date: 02-Jul-2075
Planet End Date Planet End Date Planet End Date
N Node (Rahu) 14-Mar-2025 Jupiter (Guru) 19-Aug-2042 Saturn (Shani) 05-Jul-2059
Jupiter (Guru) 07-Aug-2027 Saturn (Shani) 02-Mar-2045 Mercury (Budh) 14-Mar-2062
Saturn (Shani) 13-Jun-2030 Mercury (Budh) 07-Jun-2047 S Node (Ketu) 23-Apr-2063
Mercury (Budh) 31-Dec-2032 S Node (Ketu) 13-May-2048 Venus (Shukra) 23-Jun-2066
S Node (Ketu) 18-Jan-2034 Venus (Shukra) 12-Jan-2051 Sun (Surya) 04-Jun-2067
Venus (Shukra) 18-Jan-2037 Sun (Surya) 31-Oct-2051 Moon (Chardra) 03-Jan-2069
Sun (Surya) 13-Dec-2037 Moon (Chardra) 02-Mar-2053 Mars (Mangal) 12-Feb-2070
Moon (Chardra) 13-Jun-2039 Mars (Mangal) 06-Feb-2054 N Node (Rahu) 19-Dec-2072
Mars (Mangal) 02-Jul-2040 N Node (Rahu) 02-Jul-2056 Jupiter (Guru) 02-Jul-2075