Other Names

Skull Shining Breath, Frontal Brain Purification, Kapal-Bhati, Kapal-Bharti


The word kapalbhati is made up of two words, kapal meaning skull (here skull includes all the organs under the skull too) and bhati means shining, illuminating. Due to the process, the organs under the skull mainly the brain and the small brain are influenced in a good manner.

How to do

  • Keep breathing gradually while sitting in¬†Padmasana¬†.
  • Inhale and start performing Kapalbhati as stated before, that means a strong Rechaka, natural Pooraka and again strong Rechaka and natural pooraka.
  • Keep on doing this rotation swiftly in rhythmic manner.
  • Perform as many cycles as possible and then keep breathing gradually. All these processes are included under one cycle of Kapalbhati.


Helps in cleansing, invigorating, warming, prevents illness and allergies.


  • The level of common person can go up to 200 repetitions. It is not advisable to increase the number beyond that.
  • Patients suffering from heart trouble, lung trouble should practice this under an expert guidance.
  • Those suffering from diseases of blood circulation should perform the process very carefully.
  • They should perform the process under the guidance and care of experts.