Other Names

Murcha, Moorcha, Moorchha, Behosh, Acheta, Murchha, Unconsciousness, Swooning


It involves a prolonged full pause held with a chin lock, until you experience the approach of fainting. Beginners may, indeed, faint. But experts remain seated upright, normally in the Lotus Posture, and attain a restful, pleasant suspension of consciousness. One breathes through both nostrils and may require several rounds and full pauses to attain his goal.

How to do

  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathing in through both the nostrils.
  • Raise your head and tilt a little back so that your eyes are looking towards the sky.
  • Retain your breathe in (Antarkumbhaka).
  • Look up to the sky.
  • Keep yourself in this position as long as you can.
  • Close your eyes and come back to position, breathing out slowly.
  • Repeat all the steps above without break in between. Do this exercise daily at least 5 times.


  • The mind becomes free of all the feelings and the performer experiences joy.
  • Through this Pranayama, thoughts and resolution decreases in the mind, and a person experiences the feeling of non-existence.


This exercise is recommended only for those already well advanced in the use of other breathing techniques.

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