Other Names

Anuloma-Viloma, Alternate Nostril Breathing

Other Names

Anuloma-Viloma, Alternate Nostril Breathing


In this pranayam the breath is regulated with the help of the nostril. It helps encourages mind to higher levels of discrimination, concentration and thoughts. Gives more energy and oxygen to the physical body and helps calm your nerves and improve circulation.

How to do

  • Hold your right nasal with thumb, breathe in from left.
  • Now open right nasal and close left nasal with middle and ring finger and breathe out from right nasal.
  • Now breathe in from right nasal.
  • Now close right nasal and open left and breathe out and in from left nasal and so on.



  • It should be done under the guidance of the expert if you are doing it for first time.
  • Patients of hypertension should refrain from holding the breath.

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