Basti/ Vasti

There are two techniques of practicing Basti. It is as follows:

1. Basti (Jala-basti), Colon cleansing technique

How to do

  • This technique can be practiced with or without a bamboo tube. But it is better to have a bamboo-tube. Now sit in a tub of water covering your navel.
  • Assume the posture Utkatasana by resting your body on the forepart of your feet, the heels pressing against the posteriors.
  • Take a small bamboo-tube about 6 fingers long and insert 4 fingers of its length into the anus after lubricating the tube with Vaseline or soap or castor oil.
  • Then contract the anus outside. Draw the water into the bowels slowly. Shake well the water within the bowels and then expel the water outside. It is known as Jala-Basti.

2. Sthula-Basti

Hoe to do

  • There is another technique of doing Basti without the help of water. It is called Sthula-Basti. Sit in Paschimottanasana on the ground and churn the abdominal and intestinal portions slowly with a downward motion.
  • Contract the sphincter muscles. This removes constipation and all the abdominal disorders. This is not as effective as the Jala-Basti.



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