Other Names

Auspicious Posture, Gentle pose, Bhadra Asana, Bhader or Bhadar Asan,


Place the two ankles under the scrotum on each side of perineum, the left knee on the left (side) and the right one on right (side) and, firmly holding with the hands the feet which (thus) made to touch the sides, one should remain steady. This is Bhadrasana which destroys all diseases.

How to reach the stretch

  • Take sitting position stretching both the legs together in front, hands by the side, palms resting on the ground.
  • Fingers should remain together pointing forward.
  • Now folding left and right legs slowly at knees join both the soles with each other.
  • Hold the legs at ankle by the hands.
  • Slowly bring the legs towards yourself till they reach under the perineum.
  • Knees should remain on the ground, body erect and gaze in front.

How to release the stretch


  • This is very good posture for lumbar, region and keeps it healthy.
  • It prevents prostrate enlargement, weakness of the perineal muscles and tones up genital organs. It relieves sciatica and helps strengthen leg muscles.


  • While practicing it, a stretch is felt under the thighs therefore, practice it carefully.
  • Waist and neck should remain erect.

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