Other Names

Dugdh Neti, Nasal Cleansing technique Using Milk, Nasal irrigation, Jalneti, Milk-Neti


The technique is not half as hard as it appears. In fact, once mastered, which should take a day or two at most. You will be surprised at both, the technique and its results. Another version of Netis is using diluted milk, pre-warmed to body temperature, in place of water. It is particularly beneficial to those suffering from chronic nose bleeding or for those who find salt water irritating.

How to do

  • A special “Neti Pot” is first filled with milk, pre-warmed to body temperature. Its spout is then inserted into one nostril.
  • Place the cone into your nostril, sealing it inside with a few gentle twists. The position of your head is adjusted, slightly tilted, to allow the milk to flow out your other nostril.
  • Breathe gently through your mouth, trying not to sniff or swallow while the milk is flowing through.


  • Dugdha Neti help extract all the impurity and bacteria filled mucus from the nasal and sinus cavities.
  • This in turn, will help to restore the body’s mechanisms to natural and increase its immunity to nasal allergies like hay fever, sinusitis and other respiratory conditions like sore throats, chronic coughs and colds, post nasal drips, adenoids and tonsillitis.


  • Remember, under no circumstances should you experience pain in the practice.
  • If you feel any pain, it either means you are inserting the catheter too fast, or that it entered the wrong way and is stalled against the nasal wall, unless there is otherwise some other genetic obstruction.
  • In which case, stop immediately, withdraw and reinsert the catheter carefully in another direction until you find a clear unimpeded passage.

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