Other Names

Clarified Butter Neti, Ghrit-Neti,


Instead of water and milk we can also use warm ghee to practise ghrita neti. (If oil is used instead of ghee, it must be unconcentrated and with no added chemicals.)

How to do


  • It destroys all diseases which manifest above the throat.
  • Both sutra and jala neti exert a profound physiological effect on the body, mind and personality.
  • On the physical level, irrigation of the nasal mucosa removes accumulated mucus from the nostrils, associated passages and sinuses, allowing air to flow without obstruction.
  • Neti also exerts a relaxing and irrigating effect upon the eyes by stimulating the tear ducts and glands.


  • Remember, under no circumstances should you experience pain in the practice.
  • If you feel any pain, it either means you are inserting the catheter too fast, or that it entered the wrong way and is stalled against the nasal wall, unless there is otherwise some other genetic obstruction.
  • In which case, stop immediately, withdraw and reinsert the catheter carefully in another direction until you find a clear unimpeded passage.

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