Other Names

Head-to-Knee Forward Bend Posture, Spinal Twist Pose, Janu Shish Asan, Janu-Shirsha Asana, Janoo Sirsha, J-Sirsasna


Janu means knee and sirsha means head. Janu Sirsasana is a good pose to stretch the kidney area which renders a different effect than that of Pascimottanasana. This asana is for all levels of students, Janu Sirsasana is also a spinal twist. It is a pose to enjoy asymmetry. The potential is to free up constriction in different parts of the back and to loosen the hamstrings.

How to reach the stretch

  • Start while sitting in¬†Dandasana¬†.
  • Bend your left leg so that bottom part of your foot is touching to the right thigh while heel in groin.
  • Make sure to straight your spine.
  • Breathe in and raise your arms up.
  • Start bending forward very slowly while exaling keeping spine straight.
  • Reach the maximum formard position. If needed get the help of your thighs muscles to stretch.
  • After reaching at the maximum bend position, lower your arms to hold right foot.
  • Maintain this position till you feel comfortable while breathing slowly.

How to release the stretch


  • It improves the digestion system and stimulates the liver and kidney.
  • Helps in relieving the symptoms of menopause.
  • It also stretches the shoulders, spine, hamstrings and groins.
  • It calms the brain and helps in relieving mild depression.
  • Strengthens the back muscles during pregnancy.


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