Other Names

Toe Balance Pose, Toe to Nose Posture, Padangustasana, pada-Angushtha-Asana, padangushth Asan


Pada means the foot. Angushtha implies the big toe. This posture is characterized by standing and holding the big toes.

How to reach the stretch

  • From standing, take the feet hip distance apart. Exhale as you fold forward, taking hold of the big toes (see picture above).
  • Inhale as look up to create length in the spine.
  • Exhale and draw the length you’ve created down into the pose.
  • Gaze back behind you.

How to release the stretch

  • Stay in this posture for few seconds as per the capacity (approx 20 sec). Breathe normally.
  • Release the posture and relax.



  • Do not do the pose if you have a recent or chronic injury to the legs, arms or shoulders.
  • Be cautious of your hamstrings to not overstretch them in this pose.

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