Other Names

Teeth Hissing, Hissing Breath


Sitkari pertains to the sound made by drawing air in through the front teeth-either tightly closed or slightly opened-with the tongue tip regulating the air pressure and sound. This technique pertains only to inhaling, except that exhaling normally takes place through both nostrils, after a usual full pause.

How to do

  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • In this exercise, a hissing sound is produced when the breath is drawn in, through the mouth, with the tongue touching the upper palate.
  • When the breath is drawn in, a hissing sound similar to ‘si, si, si’, is produced.
  • Hold the breath till you can and then throw out the breath through both the nostrils.


  • The practice enhances the beauty of the practitioner and vigor of his body.
  • It removes the hunger, thirst, indolence and sleep.
  • It prevents the bile from increasing.
  • Hardness of the tonsils is also removed by it.
  • With regular practice of the Pranayama the mental and physical powers of the performer increases.
  • It makes you invincible.

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