Other Names

Tiryaka-Paschimotanasana, Cross Back-stretching Posture, Alternate/ Crossed seated forward bend pose, Tiriyak Pashchim Uttan Asan, Tiriyaka Pashchima Uttana Asana, Paschimottana, Paschimotana, Pashchimottanasana


This asana is a type of forward bend with crossed hands. In this asana left hand touches the right foot and vice-versa.

How to reach the stretch

  • Start with sitting in Dandasana .
  • Bend forward and touch your left foot with right hand.
  • Remain in the position for some time and then do it again with right foot touching by left hand.

How to release the stretch


  • It stretches the muscles of back and legs.
  • It also makes the back area flexible.


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