Other Names

Side Bending Stretch Pose, Swaying Palm Tree Pose, Tiriyaka-Tada-Asana, Triyak-Tad-Asan


Tiriyaka-Tadasana is a swaying tree stretch. This pose can be seen in trees when wind is blowing.

How to reach the stretch

  • Take the same position as Tadasana without lifting the heals.
  • Stretch the body up and bend towards left from waist and hold the position for some time.
  • Come back to pre-position and relax.
  • Bend towards right and hold for some time.

How to release the stretch


  • Cleanses and tones the entire gastrointestinal tract.
  • Excellent for excess tamas and rajas, very cooling in summer, lightens the mind and attitude, good for depression.
  • It removes toxic conditions of the blood and tissues that are caused by intestinal waste product fermentation, putrefaction, and decomposition thus increasing the function of the intestines, It thus relieves flatulence, constipation, acidity, indigestion, menstrual cramps, asthma, acne and boils etc.


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