Other Names

Triangle Posture, Trikon Asan, Trikona Asan, Side Bend Pose


Trikonasana, the Triangle Pose, concludes the yoga postures in our Basic Session. It augments the movement of the Half Spinal Twist Yoga Pose and gives an excellent lateral stretch to the spine, toning the spinal nerves and helping the proper functioning of the digestive system.

How to reach the stretch

  • Stand with your feet well apart (about 3-4 feet).
  • Point your left foot to the left, and your right foot slightly to the left.
  • Stretch your arm out at shoulder level and bring the right arm straight up, against your right ear.
  • Now inhale.
  • As you exhale, bend to the left and slightly forward to bypass your ribs.
  • Slide your left hand down your left leg and hold on to the lowest part you can reach.
  • Look out at your right hand.

How to release the stretch


  • Its practice makes the spine flexible.
  • This is advantageous in back pain (hip).
  • Those suffering from cervical and lumbar spondilitis and hypertension should not practise it.


  • Do not bend legs at the knees.
  • Judge your limitations.

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