Other Names

Ujjayi, Ujjayee, Victorious Breath, Ocean Breath, Loud Breathing.


In Ujjai breathing, the glottis is partially closed. The glottis is that part in the throat area that closes when you swallow, but which is open when you breath. When you partially close the glottis while breathing, you can hear a sound resonate from within, as well as feel a flow of air on the palate. A slightly different sound is heard on inhalation and exhalation.

How to do

  • Place your palm facing your open lips, as if you were holding a mirror there Exhale through your mouth, as if you are trying to fog the mirror Inhale through your mouth, as if you are trying to remove the fog.
  • Don’t force the breath! Just breath easily, feeling what is going on in your throat.
  • Listen to the sounds in the back of your throat. They sound something like what you hear when you place a conch shell against your ear, or like the sound of a whisper.
  • Breathe 10 breaths this way.
  • Close your mouth and continue.



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