Other Names

Extended Frog Pose, Stretched Frog Posture, Utatana-Manduka-Asana, Utan or Uttan-Manduk-Asan


“Manduka” in Sanskrit means frog. The body in Uttana-Mandukasana resembles an erect frog that’s why it is called ‘uttana-mandukasana’.

How to reach the stretch

  • Sit in Vajrasana and keep your knees wide. Let the great toes touch each other and keep the body straight.
  • Then, cross both arms behind the head and place the hands on the upper part of the opposite shoulder blades.
  • The chin should touch the chest wall like the Jalandhara bandha.
  • The bandhas of Jalandhara, Uddiyana and Moola are also performed in this asana.

How to release the stretch


  • It improves the lungpower, circulation in the walls of the chest and abdomen and tone of the abdominal and shoulder muscles.
  • It also improves sciatica in some people.


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