Significance of Signs (Rashi)

Aries (Mesha/ Mesh)

Properties: Cardinal (Movable), East, Fire, Male, Barren, Short Stature
Owner: Mars (Moola Trikona)
Exalted: Sun
Debilitated: Saturn
Body Parts: Head, Face, Brain, Cranium, Facial Bones

Taurus (Vrisha/ Vrish)

Properties: Fixed, South, Earth, Female, Semi-Fruitful, Short Stature
Owner: Venus
Exalted: Moon, Rahu (N. Node)
Debilitated: Ketu
Body Parts: Neck, Throat, Esophagus, Cerebellum, Bones of the Neck

Gemini (Mithuna/ Mithun)

Properties: Mutable, West, Air, Male, Barren, Medium Stature
Owner: Mercury
Body Parts: Nervous System, Respiratory Canal, Arms, Hands, Lungs, Breath, Shoulders, Collar Bone, Bones of Arms and Hands

Cancer (Karka/ Kark)

Properties: Cardinal, (Movable), North, Water, Female, Fruitful, Medium Stature
Owner: Moon (Moola Trikona)
Exalted: Jupiter
Debilitated: Mars
Body Parts: Breast, Chest, Heart, Stomach, Digestive Organs

Leo (Simha/ Singh/ Singa/ Sing)

Properties: Fixed, East, Fire, Male, Barren, Tall Stature
Owner: Sun
Body Parts: Spine, Back, Liver, Pancreas

Virgo (Kanya)

Properties: Mutable, South, Earth, Female, Barren, Tall Stature
Owner: Mercury (Moola Trikona)
Exalted: Mercury
Debilitated: Venus
Body Parts: Abdominal Umbilical Region, Bowel and Intestines, Nervous System

Libra (Tula)

Properties: Cardinal, (Movable) West, Air, Male, Semi-Fruitful, Tall Stature
Owner: Venus (Moola Trikona)
Exalted: Saturn
Debilitated: Sun
Body Parts: Lumbar Region, Skin, Kidneys, and Bones of the Lumbar Region

Scorpio (Vrishchika/ Vrishchik)

Properties: Fixed, North, Water, Female, Fruitful, Tall Stature
Owner: Mars
Exalted: Ketu
Debilitated: Moon, Rahu
Body Parts: Urinary and Sexual Organs, Anus, Generative Organs, Bladder, Nasal Organs, and Pelvic Bones

Sagittarius (Dhanu)

Properties: Mutable, Fire, East, Male, Semi-Fruitful, Medium Stature
Owner: Jupiter (Moola Trikona)
Body Parts: Hips, Thighs, Arterial System, Nerves

Capricorn (Makara/ Makar)

Properties: Cardinal, (Movable) South, Earth, Female, Semi-Fruitful, Medium Stature
Owner: Saturn
Exalted: Mars
Debilitated: Jupiter
Body Parts: Knees, Bones, Joints, and Knee-Caps

Aquarius (Kumbha/ Kumbh)

Properties: Fixed, West, Air, Male, Barren, Short Stature
Owner: Saturn (Moola Trikona)
Body Parts: Legs, Ankles, Circulation of the Blood, Shins

Pisces (Meena/ Mina/ Meen/ Min)

Properties: Mutable, North, Water, Female, Fruitful, Short Stature
Owner: Jupiter
Exalted: Venus
Debilitated: Mercury
Body Parts: Feet, Toes, Lymphatic System, Bones of Feet and Toes

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