Other Names Mountain Pose, Hill Posture, Tada Asana, Tad Asan, Description Tadasana can be practiced as a starting position for standing poses, in between standing poses, or by itself to improve posture. Tadasana is a position used at the beginning and in the middle and in the end, in which you pay attention to your […]


Other names Staff Pose, Dundasana, Dunda Asana, Dund Posture, dand Asan, Description Dandasana is the simplest form of sitting position on which many other asanas are based. Sit with your legs straight and feet together and place the hands on the ground on either side of the body with fingers pointing forward. Make sure that […]


Other Names Stick Posture/ Pose, Yastika Asana, Yastik Asan Description This asana is also a resting pose or stretch. One can easily do this asana. How to reach the stretch Lie on the back. Extend legs fully. Inhale 3 seconds stretch arms towards head. Stretch toes and fingers outwards. Exhaling, return to normal. How to […]


Other Names Downward Tree Posture, Vriksha Asana, Vriksh Asana, Vriks Pose, Vrksasana Description Vrikshasana is a tree pose which means you are standing with your hand raised towards the sky. Adho-Mukha-Vrikshasana can be termed as a tilted tree pose where in your hands are supporting the entire body weight. This asana when done by beginners […]


Other Names Vrischikasana, Vrichikasana, Scorpion Posture/ Pose, Vrishchika Asana, Vischika or Vrishchik Asan, Pincha-Vrishchikasana Description The position of the body in this pose resembles a scorpion when it gets ready to strike its victim by arching its tail above its back & and striking the victim beyond its own head. Before attempting advanced pose you […]


Other Names Hero Posture/ Pose 2, Veera or Vira Asana, Veer or Vir Asan, Veerasana Description Vira means brave. The way a brave man takes position while attacking his enemy, the similar position is formed in this asana, hence it is called as Virasana. How to reach the stretch Take the left foot forward and […]


Other Names Hero Posture/ Pose 1, Veera or Vira Asana, Veer or Vir Asan, Veerasana Description The Hero Yoga Pose is one of the basic sitting postures, also excellent for Meditation. The internal rotation of the upper legs and knees is opposite to the movement involved in Lotus Yoga Pose; as such, it both loosens […]


Other Names Twisting Posture, Twist Pose, Vakra Asana, Vakr Asan Description In this asana, the upper part of the body is completely turned and twisted. The spine, the muscles of the hands, the legs and the back are stretched. How to reach the stretch Sit erect, stretching your legs in front together. Hands by the […]


Other Names Wind-freeing Posture, Wind releaving Pose, knee Squeeze Posture, Pavan or Pawan Mukt Asan, Pavana or Pawana Mukta Asana, Pawanmuktasana Description In Sanskrit “Pavan” means air, “mukta” means release or free. Pavanmuktasana balances the wind in whole body. How to reach the stretch Lie on your back. Hug your knees into your chest, while […]


Other Names Thunderbolt Posture, Adamantine Pose, Vajra Asana, Vajr Asan Description Like Padmasana, this is also the Asana for meditation. One can sit comfortably for a prolonged period in this Asana. This is one asana which can be done immediately after consuming food. Sit in Vajrasana and do right nostril breathing. This relieves heaviness in stomach […]