Other Names Camel Pose, Ustrasana, Unt or Unth Posture, Ustra or Ushtra Asana Description The word “ushtra” refers to “Camel”. In this asana, the body resembles the neck of a camel, that’s why it is called ‘Ushtrasana’. How to reach the stretch Sit with legs stretched, heels together, palms pressing on the ground by the […]


Other Names Cat Pose, Billi Posture, Majra Asana, Majr Asan Description Cat Pose or Majrasana teaches you to initiate movement from your center and to coordinate your movements and breath. These are two of the most important themes in asana practice. How to reach the stretch Crouch down, on all fours, like a cat; knees […]


Other Names Hand to Foot Pose, Foot to hand Forward Bend Posture, Standing Forward bend, Jackknife Pose, Padahastasana, Hasta-Pada Asana, Hast-Pad-Asan, Hands and feet posture, Hast-padasana Description Hastpadasana is one of the twelve basic asanas. You must master this pose and its variations before trying the advanced Asanas. How to reach the stretch Stand erect […]


Other Names Monkey Pose, Split Posture, Hanumana Asana, Hanooman Asan, Hanumaan Description A powerful monkey cheif (Lord Hanuman) of extraordinary strength and prowess, whose exploits are celebrated in the epic Ramayana. He was the son of Anjana and Vayu, the god of wind. This pose then, in which the legs are split forward and back, […]


Other Names The Moon Pose, Hare Posture, Shashanka-Asana, Shashank-Asan, Sasankasana, Sasank Description ‘Shashanka’ in Sanskrit means the moon, that’s why it is called moon pose also. How to reach the stretch Sit with legs folded backwards, heels apart, knees and toes together (sit in vajrasana). Adjust your hips between the heels (Vajrasana). Slowly raise your […]


Other Names Extended Frog Pose, Stretched Frog Posture, Utatana-Manduka-Asana, Utan or Uttan-Manduk-Asan Description “Manduka” in Sanskrit means frog. The body in Uttana-Mandukasana resembles an erect frog that’s why it is called ‘uttana-mandukasana’. How to reach the stretch Sit in Vajrasana and keep your knees wide. Let the great toes touch each other and keep the body straight. […]


Other Names Frog Pose, Froggy Posture, Manduka Asana, Manduk Asan Description The shape of this formation resembles a frog, so that’s why this asana is called Mandukasana. In sanskrit frog is called a manduk. How to reach the stretch Sit in Vajrasana with both the legs bent in the rear. Keep both the paws of the legs […]


Other Names The Supine Vajrasana, Pelvic Posture, Fixed Firm Pose, Supta-Vajra-Asana, Supt-Vajr-Asan Description This asana is the further development of Vajrasana. ‘Supta’ in Sanskrit means supine and Vajrasana means lying on the back. We lie on our back with folded legs, hence, it is called Supta-Vajrasana. How to reach the stretch Sit in Vajrasana. Slowly […]


Other Names Side Bending Stretch Pose, Swaying Palm Tree Pose, Tiriyaka-Tada-Asana, Triyak-Tad-Asan Description Tiriyaka-Tadasana is a swaying tree stretch. This pose can be seen in trees when wind is blowing. How to reach the stretch Take the same position as Tadasana without lifting the heals. Stretch the body up and bend towards left from waist […]


Other Names Waist Rotating Pose, Waist rotation posture, Katti-Chakra Asana, Kati-Chakrasana, Kati Chakr Asan, Kati-Chakrasana, KatiChakrasana Description This also a simple yet effective and safe posture which almost any one can practice to mainly exercise the trunk. Its easily controllable circular movement is a good remedy for back pains. How to reach the stretch Stand […]